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Is there a limit to the number of bookings I can add to MIDAS?

Unlike some of our competitors who restrict the number of bookings you can add to their systems in any given month or year, and then charge you extra to increase these limits - here at MIDAS, we don't impose such restrictions!

Put simply, there are no limits imposed on the number of bookings you can add to your MIDAS room booking system!

Our straight forward pricing is based on the number of "venues" (rooms / bookable spaces) you wish to manage, and the number of user accounts required.

We don't charge based upon the volume of bookings you wish to make over an arbitrary period of time.

Furthermore, there are also no limits imposed on the number of clients (customers) or resources (equipment, etc) you can add to your MIDAS booking system either!

Additionally, bookings are also retained in your MIDAS system indefinitely (unless they're manually removed by a user/administrator).

This allows you to retain complete historical records for ALL your bookings, even those from many years ago!

If your current booking solution has some of the restrictions and limitations outlined above, maybe it's time to check out MIDAS.

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