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How to add MIDAS to your Android Home Screen

If you regularly access MIDAS on your Android smartphone or device, you can quickly add it to your Home Screen for easy one-touch access to your booking system. Here's how...

Step 1

Open "Chrome" on your Android device and click the "Settings" icon (three dots) in the upper right corner

Step 2

Select "Add to Home Screen" from the menu

Step 3

Click "ADD". (You can optionally set a different name here too)

Step 4

Confirm you wish to add MIDAS to your Android home screen by clicking "ADD" again


A shortcut to your MIDAS booking system will have been added to your Android Home Screen, where it will behave just like your other Android apps.

Adding MIDAS to your home screen has the additional benefit of allowing MIDAS to open in "full screen" without the traditional browser address bar and icons, etc.

For quick one-touch access to MIDAS, be sure to select the "Auto-Login" box on your MIDAS login screen when you first login in via your new Home Screen shortcut. That way, when you subsequently open MIDAS again from the icon on your home screen, you'll bypass the login screen and go straight to your bookings!

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