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Do you offer on-site / in-person training?

As we are a small UK-based online business with a global customer base, it is regrettably not possible for us to visit our customer's business premises to deliver "on site" in-person training to staff and employees.

However we have created an extensive library of short, easy-to-follow, video tutorials designed to train and guide you and your colleagues through all aspects of our software's features and functionality.

These FREE video tutorials are available on-demand, meaning that you and your staff can watch them at any time, in order to get to grips with your organization's MIDAS booking system.

In addition to our extensive library of free video tutorials, complete help documentation is also available.

Help documentation may be accessed online at https://mid.as/help, or through the dedicated "[Help]" links within the software itself.

We also appreciate that not everyone wants to sit in front of a screen and read through documentation, that's why our documentation is also available as a PDF offline manual, which you can freely download, print and distribute to your staff.

If after watching our on-demand video tutorials and reading the documentation you or your colleagues have any questions, we have an extensive searchable Knowledge Base where you'll find answers to the most common questions, and you're most welcome to contact us as well and we'll be very happy to assist with all your queries.

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