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Why are some bookings missing from my generated invoices?

If you're generating invoices for room bookings over a date range, but you find that some room bookings are omitted from the resulting generated invoice(s), there are a number of possible reasons for this. Here are some things to check:

1. Do the omitted bookings already have invoices associated with them? - When generating an invoice for bookings over a date range, only bookings for which an invoice hasn't already been generated will be included

Solution: MIDAS won't allow you to "double-invoice" bookings, therefore, if you've already generated an invoice for a booking, you would need to delete that invoice in order to be able to generate a new invoice.

2. If generating an invoice for a specific client, are the omitted bookings for a different client? - If you add two clients named "Joe Bloggs" to your database, are you sure the omitted bookings are for the same "Joe Bloggs" client that you're generating an invoice for?

Solution: You can check for and merge similar clients via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Database → Database Tools → Merge Clients

3. Have you defined venue rates/configured MIDAS not to include zero value items? - If you've not defined rates for your venues, and your invoice settings are set such that items with a zero value are not included on invoices, then when generating invoices for bookings in venues without rates defined, these bookings will not appear on invoices.

Solution: Either, ensure the "Include zero value invoice items?" option is selected (MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Invoicing) and/or define rates for your venues (MIDAS Admin Options → Manage Venues → [select venue] → Rates

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