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How to fix "No SASL mechanism found" errors when sending email

This error can be caused if all the following conditions are true:
  1. You've configured your MIDAS booking system to send outgoing email via an external SMTP server or relay
  2. Your SMTP server/relay requires authentication
  3. Your SMTP server/relay does not support compatible authentication methods

MIDAS natively attempts to connect to the SMTP server you've specified using LOGIN or PLAIN authentication methods. If your SMTP server doesn't support either of these authentication methods, a "No SASL mechanism found" error may be shown when trying to send email from your MIDAS system.

To resolve this issue, you should either;

  1. Enable support for LOGIN and/or PLAIN authentication methods on your SMTP server
  2. Change your MIDAS settings to deliver mail using "Sendmail" instead of via SMTP (if Sendmail is available on the server where your MIDAS system resides, which it is for all our cloud-hosted customer's booking systems). Your can change your email delivery settings via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Email.

Alternatively, if your SMTP server supports NTLM authentication, self-hosted customers may enable experimental NTLM support in MIDAS as follows:

  1. Locate your "midasglobal.dat" settings file in your MIDAS installation on your server
  2. Open this file in a standard text editor
  3. Locate the <email> section of this file, and within the <smtp> subsection add the following line:
  4. Save your modified "midasglobal.dat" settings file back to your server

Cloud-hosted customers wishing to enable NTLM support should contact us.

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