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Why is the "Auto send user their login details" option disabled?

In MIDAS v4 the "Auto send user their login details" option on the "Manage Users & Permissions" admin page is only available if you are specifying a new password for the selected user.

In earlier versions of the software (pre v4), you could tick this box at any time to send the user an email reminder of their current login credentials. However, as a result of security enhancements introduced with MIDAS v4 back in 2012, it is no longer possible to send such password reminders (as once a password has been set, it is encrypted & stored, and cannot be decrypted again by the system to reveal the original password).

Therefore, if a user in your MIDAS scheduling system forgets their current password, the only option is to reset it, as their current password cannot be retrieved.

The user may reset their own password via the "Forgot Your Password?" link on their MIDAS login screen. They will then receive an email containing a password reset link.

Alternatively, MIDAS administrators with sufficient privileges can generate new account passwords for users at any time through the "Manage Users & Permissions" screen. If generating a new password in this way, the "Auto send user their login details" check box becomes available.

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