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I've limited IP addresses that can access MIDAS, now I can't get in!

If you've limited access to your MIDAS system to a specific IP address (or IP range), you will be unable to access your room scheduling system if your current IP address doesn't match the allowed IP address/range you've setup in the software.

You may configure an allowed IP address range via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Security.

So if you do not have a static IP address, and your computer's IP address changes to fall outside of the allowed range your access to MIDAS will be blocked.

Unless you can change your IP address back to one that is within the allowed range, or access your MIDAS from another computer within the accepted IP address range, then you will need to proceed as follows:

Self-Hosted MIDAS System

You can remove the IP restrictions and restore access by using our quick and easy online self service tool.

Cloud-Hosted MIDAS System

Please contact us and we can remove the IP address or range restrictions you've previously set.

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