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I've forced MIDAS into SSL mode, and now I can't get in!

If you've enforced SSL access to your MIDAS system, then any attempt to access your room scheduling system via regular http:// will instead automatically be redirected to https://. If your server doesn't support SSL connections, or there is a problem with your SSL certificate, your browser may be unable to load MIDAS.

If you are unable to resolve the issue with your server/SSL certificate, you can restore http:// access to your MIDAS by using our quick and easy online self service tool

If however, you wish to do this manually, you will need to locate your "midasglobal" configuration file, open it up in a text editor, and in the <security> section, update the <ssl> setting to either a "0" or a "1" (no quotes)

Save the changes to the file back to your server, reload MIDAS in your web browser, and standard http:// access to you scheduling system should be restored!

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