Configure the Domain Alias addon for MIDAS MIDAS Domain Alias Configuration

Once the Domain Alias plugin has been installed and activated in your MIDAS system, it may be configured via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage Addons → Domain Alias.

Domain Alias Addon Settings Screen
Domain Alias Settings

When initially setting up a domain alias, there are three steps:

Step 1

Enter the domain that you wish to "alias" to your hosted MIDAS system. For example, "". Please note that you must have access to be able to create DNS records on/for the domain specified here.

Step 2

Set a "CNAME" DNS record on/for the domain entered in Step 1 using the information shown in green in Step 2.

Step 3

Once you've correctly configured your DNS record, click the "Submit" button. This lets us know that you've set up your DNS CNAME record. Once we've confirmed this, we'll then implement this on our MIDAS network.
If you wish to change/update your Domain Alias at any time, simply revist the Domain Alias addon settings page. This will display the current domain alias along with a "Change" button. Clicking the "Change" button will allow you to enter new information as per Step 1 above. Once you've entered your new domain alias (and set an associated DNS record), you'll be able to "Submit" your changes.