Install The Custom Branding / White-Label addon for MIDAS MIDAS Custom Branding (White-Label) Frequently Asked Questions

Can this addon remove ALL references to MIDAS?

Yes - The "Custom Branding" addon can be used to remove all "visible" references in MIDAS through user's normal use. However, copyright notices will be present throughout the source code.

Can I rename the software to anything I want?

Yes - So long as the name you choose conforms to our Custom Branding Terms of Use.

Can I resell my custom branded version of MIDAS software?

No - This would be a breach of the Custom Branding Terms of Use.

I have multiple databases setup in my MIDAS system - can I have separate branding for each?

If you have multiple databases setup in your MIDAS booking system, they will all share the same common login screen (with a option to select which database to log in to). Because of this, it's not possible to have separate branding for each database. Instead, all databases within in your MIDAS system will share the same custom branding.

If you wish a different database to have its own custom branding to the rest, you would need to purchase an additional license (with the Custom Branding addon) and run that database as its own separate MIDAS system.

Why does the Custom Branding addon cost so much?

The price of the Custom Branding addon reflects that we're granting special licensed use of our software with visible references to "MIDAS" (including our logo and links to our website, etc) removed. To the casual user, they will not be aware that they are in fact using MIDAS once this addon has been installed and configured.