Work on our next update to MIDAS, v3.14 is nearing completion, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to tell you about a couple of the new features in this forthcoming update…

The biggest area that’s been updated in this release is the “My Messages” module.
Starting with version 3.14 you’ll be able to:

Receive notifications when consumable are low

The person(s) responsible for purchasing consumables can be informed when they need to re-order!

Low Consumable Warning
Be notified when consumable levels are low

Receive notifications when specific resources are added to bookings

For example, catering staff can be automatically notified when refreshments are required!

Have greater control over the “triggers” for your watches

The addition of AND/OR logic allows greater control over what triggers your watch notification. For instance you can set up a watch to notify you when either a new booking is added to a particular room OR a new booking of a particular type is added. Alternatively, you can set up the watch to notify you when a new booking is added to a particular room AND is a particular type, and so forth

Watch Settings
AND/OR logic providing greater control over notification triggers

Have watch notifications and messages from other users forwarded to your email

You can have watch notifications and internal messages from other users automatically forwarded to your email address. This means that you don’t need to log in to MIDAS to check for new messages!

Suppress the messages pop-up that displays whenever you log in

You can disable the “My Messages” pop-up which displays after you login whenever you have messages, reminders, or watches.

My Messages Settings
Notification Settings

Also, in v3.14 we’ve extended the “Statistics” module to now include a section for “Invoice Statistics“. In this section you’ll be able to select a date range, and MIDAS will show you statistics of all invoices sent during that period. You’ll be able to see how much has been invoiced, how much has been paid, and how much is still outstanding! …and you can breakdown these statistics by client, organization, or booking type!

Invoice Statistics
Invoice Statistics

You can now also Print Statistics to your printer via the main print icon!