As we’ve previously mentioned, in MIDAS v4 you’ll be able to do more directly from the booking grid. One such new improvement will allow you to…

Generate Invoices Directly from the Booking Grid!

Prior to v4, if you wanted MIDAS to generate an invoice for a booking, this had to be generated at time of booking. In v4, whilst that option still remains, you’ll also find a new icon when selecting a booking in the grid, which will allow you to instantly generate an invoice for that booking (provided one hasn’t been previously generated)

Generate Invoices

We’ve also further improved the invoicing capabilities for MIDAS v4, as it will allow you to…

Retrospectively Generate Invoices for Clients

Retrospective Invoicing

In v4, you can select a client, and a date range, and MIDAS will generate a single invoice incorporating all that client’s bookings over the selected date range! …and what’s more, MIDAS will ignore any bookings for which invoices have already been created, meaning that you’ll never invoice for the same booking twice! You can also select the “All Clients” option, and MIDAS will generate a separate invoice for each client with bookings across the date range you select.

This feature will be ideal if you have one person adding bookings, and another looking after the invoicing side, as it will allow them to, for example, generate an invoice for a client one month at a time in arrears!

We’ve also added a couple of new invoicing settings:

Invoice Settings

“Include zero value invoice items?” – If selected, venues and resources for which there is no charge will still be included on invoices for completeness and/or if you need to denote that the client is getting something free of charge. If this option is not selected, items who’s total charge is zero will not appear on generated invoices.

“Create invoices even if invoice total is zero?” – If unselected, MIDAS will only generate invoices where the invoice total is greater than zero. If selected, MIDAS will generate invoices regardless of invoice total.