The first big update of 2018 for our MIDAS web based room booking and resource scheduling system is nearly ready, and includes a number of user-requested features and improvements.

Now, MIDAS has included a “BCC outgoing email to” setting for quite some time now. This setting allows you to enter an e-mail address to which e-mail (excluding generated notifications) sent by your users through MIDAS will be BCC’d (Blind Carbon Copied) to.

It’s a useful setting, as it allows administrators to keep track of outgoing e-mails, or for archiving purposes.

However, the setting has caused confusion for some customers who instead expected this setting to send a copy of EVERY single outgoing email (including system-generated notifications) to the defined email address, rather than its intended use of only BCC’ing emails that are not generated notifications (for example, if a user emails a client through the in-built email function).

Therefore, to add greater flexibility for those customers who have requested it, we’ve expanded the email BCC capabilities of MIDAS for v4.18.

Choosing which emails to BCC

You’ll now be able to select which “types” of outgoing emails from your MIDAS system you’d like to be BCC’d to a pre-defined address:

Choose which types of email to BCC
Choose which types of email to BCC

The types of outgoing email you can choose to be BCC’d include:

  • Generic
  • Bookings:
    • Booking Cancellation
    • Booking Confirmation
    • Booking Reminder
  • Booking Requests:
    • Booking Request Approved
    • Booking Request Approved (with changes)
    • Booking Request Rejected
    • Booking Request Submitted
  • Invoices:
    • Invoice (Cancellation)
    • Invoice (Regular)
    • Invoice Overdue
    • Invoice Reminder
    • Receipt

We do however suggest that you think very carefully as to which types of emails you select to be BCC’d. For larger MIDAS systems this could result in a significantly higher volume of outgoing email traffic.

For this reason, the extended BCC email options for our “cloud-hosted” customers are limited to only be available if your MIDAS system is configured to send outgoing email via an external SMTP server/relay. If your cloud-hosted MIDAS system is configured to send email via the internal “Sendmail” option, extended BCC email options will be unavailable to you. This restriction does not apply to self-hosted MIDAS systems.

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