Google Chrome 15
If you’re a Google Chrome user, you’ll be interested to know the next version of Google’s own web browser, Chrome 15, has just been released!

MIDAS is fully compatible with Chrome 15 because as part of our ongoing commitment to our web based scheduling software, here at MIDAS HQ we regularly test our web app in pre-release builds of all 5 major browsers before final versions are released! This helps us to identify as early as possible any potential incompatibilities, so that we can address them before a major browser update such as this is made available to the wider public!

If you’re technically minded, you can read what’s new in Chrome 15 in Google’s own blog

Chrome 15 is a free update, and one of the things we love about Chrome is that it silently updates itself with no user interaction (other than a restart!) required. This ensures that you’re always using the most stable, secure and up-to-date version of Google Chrome!

Mozilla Firefox In other interesting Google Chrome-related news, it’s been reported recently by a number of sources, including, that by the end of 2011, Chrome may have overtaken Firefox to become the second most used web browser! At the end of September, Microsoft Internet Explorer was in the lead with a 31.7% total share of the web browser market, Mozilla Firefox with a 26.8% share, and Google Chrome having a 23.6% share, according to data provided by StatCounter. So far this year, this equates to a 9% decrease in use of Internet Explorer, a 4% increase in the use of Firefox, but an impressive 8% increase in the use of Chrome.

Chrome may pass Firefox as the world's second-most-popular browser by the end of the year
Chrome may pass Firefox as the world’s second-most-popular browser by the end of the year (Data: StatCounter)

That’s why if this trend continues, and there’s no evidence to show otherwise, Chrome may overtake Firefox to become the second most popular browser within the next couple of months!

So if you’ve never heard of Google Chrome (and if not, where have you been!?), or have never gotten around to trying it out for yourself, why not give Chrome a go!?