The “Booking Request” features of MIDAS, allow people to check venue availability and submit booking “request” for your rooms.

By default, all booking “requests” must then be approved by a venue’s administrator (manager) before becoming a “confirmed” booking.

Back in MIDAS v4.27, we introduced an option to allow booking requests received from certain email addresses/domains to be “Auto-Approved“.

“Auto-Approved” booking requests do not require a manager’s authorization. As soon as the request is received, it’s automatically approved by MIDAS – just as if the user had made a regular “confirmed” booking.

For v4.30 we’ve extended the “Auto-Approve” options for booking requests. You can now alternatively have requests automatically approved based upon the “type” of booking request that has been made.

Auto-Approve Booking Requests Based Upon Their Type
Auto-Approve Booking Requests Based Upon Their Type

With this option enabled, booking requests that have had a matching booking type selected at time of requesting will be automatically approved.

All other booking requests will still require a venue manager’s approved as before.

So for example, you could configure this option so that all “internal” booking requests are automatically approved, where as all others require approval.