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I'm seeing an "Unable to connect to database: Your password has expired" error

A "Your password has expired. To log in you must change it using a client that supports expired passwords" error is generated by your MySQL server, rather than by MIDAS booking system.

It is caused as a result of a password expiration policy on your MySQL server which automatically expires MySQL user account passwords, forcing you to change them on a recurring basis.

MIDAS cannot change MySQL account passwords for you. You will therefore need to login to your MySQL server and manually update the expired MySQL account password accordingly.

To change your MySQL password, login to your MySQL server as the MySQL user account that your MIDAS system uses and issue the following MySQL command:

ALTER USER 'midas'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'new-password';

(Where 'midas' is your MySQL user account, and 'new-password' is the new password you wish to set for this account)

Once you've set a new password for the MySQL user account that your MIDAS booking system is configured to use, you'll then need to use our online Self Service tool to update your MIDAS settings accordingly to reflect the new password for the MySQL user account.

We'd also strongly advise that you disable the password expiration policy of your MySQL server to prevent a recurrence of this issue again in the future. To do this, simply set the following in your MySQL configuration file, and then restart your MySQL server:


(The default MySQL server configuration ships with no password expiration policy enforced, so you can also simply delete the "default_password_lifetime" line from your MySQL configuration file to ensure that MySQL passwords never expire)

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