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"mod_perl" is known to cause issues with MIDAS and should be disabled

The optional Apache server extension "mod_perl" is known to cause a number of issues with MIDAS due to the way it "caches" certain parts of the software, and therefore should be disabled prior to installation of MIDAS on your system.

If you are unsure whether your server is running the "mod_perl" extension, please check with your hosting provider/system administrator.

To disable the "mod_perl" extension under Apache:

  1. Locate your server's "httpd.conf" config file and open it up in a text editor (if you're running Apache on Windows, and have installed Apache at C:\Apache, your "httpd.conf" will be located at C:\Apache\conf)
  2. Locate the following line:
    Include "conf/extra/httpd-perl.conf"
  3. Comment out this line by adding a "#" at the start:
    #Include "conf/extra/httpd-perl.conf"
  4. Save the changes, and restart your Apache server

Once you've disabled "mod_perl" and restarted your server, you will be able to install and use MIDAS.

If you do not have access to your server's "httpd.conf" file and mod_perl is running on your server, please check with your hosting/server provider that it can be disabled.

Please Note: You will be unable to install MIDAS on a server running "mod_perl". Please check with your hosting provider/system administrator if unsure
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