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How to add your company/corporate logo

You may co-brand your MIDAS scheduling system to include your organization's logo throughout the software. This logo may then also be included in various editable "templates" (email, print, invoice, etc)

A logo may be added to your system via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Appearance → Your Logo. Here you'll see a preview of the currently installed logo (if any), along with a "Select File..." button allowing you to select a .png image file from your computer/network to upload and install as your logo.

  • Recommended dimensions for your logo are 200 pixels wide x 70 pixels high
  • Maximum supported dimensions for your logo are 200 pixels wide x 200 pixels high
  • Recommended file size for your logo is <10KB
  • Maximum file size for your logo is 40KB
custom logo suggested dimensions
If changing your logo, you may need to clear your browser cache before you'll see your new logo.

NOTE: If you're running a self-hosted MIDAS system prior to v4.14, you'll need to manually install your logo instead. Your .png logo should be named "mylogo.png" and uploaded to your server in the "img" sub-directory of your MIDAS installation. The software will then automatically detect your logo, and it will start appearing throughout your MIDAS system!
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