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Help! I accidentally deleted a booking

If you've mistakenly deleted a booking from your MIDAS scheduling system which you didn't mean to remove, don't panic!

MIDAS offers a number of ways to recover deleted bookings, and this article details these.

Method 1: Restore a deleted booking from the Booking Grid

You can restore a deleted booking right from the booking grid. If your user account has sufficient permissions, you'll see a small "X" icon under your main MIDAS toolbar. This icon toggles the display of deleted bookings in your booking grid.

Navigate to the date where the booking you accidently deleted was, and enable the display of deleted bookings in the grid by using the small "X" icon.

Deleted bookings will appear more "faded" in your booking grid.

You can then select (click) a deleted booking, and select "Restore" from the pop-up menu.

This will then reinstate the deleted booking, provided that the original availability is still there. If another booking has since taken the place of the deleted booking, you won't be able to reinstate it (unless the newer conflicting booking is moved).

Method 2: Bulk Restore Deleted bookings

If your user account has sufficient administrative permissions, you can also restore deleted bookings via MIDAS Admin Options → Restore Deleted Bookings.

This has an advantage over the first method in that you don't need to know and navigate to the date of the deleted booking.

Instead, the Restore Deleted Bookings screen will list all upcoming bookings which were recently deleted.

Select the tickbox alongside each removed booking you wish to reinstate. As with the first method, you'll only be able to reinstate deleted bookings where the original availability is still there.

Method 3: Roll Back the Database

MIDAS creates automated backups of its database on each day that there's a successful login.

These backups are stored on your MIDAS server for a pre-determined length of time. This duration that backups persist for may be changed via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Database → Database Backups.

MIDAS allows you to revert (roll back) your MIDAS system - either entirely or in part - to the time of one of these backups.

Therefore, you could use the database restore feature (MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Database → Database Backups) to revert the bookings in your MIDAS system to an earlier point in time - i.e. to before the deleted bookings you wish to recover were removed.

However, please note that if you "roll back" your bookings database to an earlier point in time, any changes to existing bookings or any bookings added since the date/time of the database backup you're reverting to will be lost.

As such, very careful consideration should be given before using this method to recover deleted bookings, as other bookings may be affected.

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