MIDAS ID Reminder

Your "MIDAS ID" is a code - or "Product Key" - that is unique to your organization's MIDAS system.

It it used to authorize and install your MIDAS system.

It is also required when renewing your MIDAS subscription or upgrading your license.

It may also be required when contacting our support team.

You will have initially received your unique MIDAS ID via email when you first purchased or subscribed to MIDAS.

You may also find it within subsequent subscription reminder email notifications.

However, if you cannot locate your MIDAS ID, then you can use the form below to have it resent to the "Primary Contact" we currently hold on record for your organization's MIDAS system.

If you do not know the email address of the current "Primary Contact" for your organization's MIDAS system, you will instead need to contact us directly.

Please enter the email address of the current Primary Contact for your organization's MIDAS system:

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