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Which template "placeholder" variables have changed for MIDAS v4.28?

MIDAS includes a number of "templates" which you can customize to suite your needs.

This includes email, print, and invoice templates, and much more.

In fact, there are over 20 customizable templates which may be freely modified in the software.

One of the features of templates in MIDAS is that there are a rage of placeholder "variables" that can be inserted into templates.

These are in turn substituted for live data from your MIDAS system each time the template is used.

For instance, the placeholder variable %CLIENT% can be inserted, which would be substituted for the name of the client that an email, or invoice, is for.

For MIDAS v4.28, we've renamed a few of these placeholder variables.

Don't worry, if you've used their previous names in your templates, these will automatically be changed when you update to v4.28.

Here's what's changed:

New Variable Name (MIDAS v4.28+)Previous Variable Name (up to MIDAS v4.28)Description
%MYLOGO%%LOGO%Your custom/company logo
%URL%%MIDASURL%The URL of your MIDAS system

These changes have been made in part to ensure maximum compatibility with our new optional Custom Branding addon.

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