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Is there a help manual I can download and read offline?

Full and complete help documentation is included with each and every MIDAS booking system, and may be quickly accessed by users via inbuilt [Help] links throughout the software.

We also make online help documentation available too.

In addition to providing in-app and online help documentation, we're pleased to also be able to offer downloadable manuals for offline viewing too.

These comprehensive manuals are available in readily accessible PDF format, allowing you to download, print, or view a complete manual offline.

...and best of all, our offline manuals are provided absolutely free at no extra charge!

Some vendors don't provide any documentation for their software at all, others provide very basic and sometimes outdated instructions. Others charge if you want a copy of an official "manual" that you can download, print, or view off line.

Not us! We make the effort to review and keep our comprehensive documentation updated with each new release of our booking software. We then make this documentation freely available to all!

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