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Why does the "Modify Similar Bookings" search return fewer results than expected?

The "Modify Similar Bookings" search feature in MIDAS is a way you can "bulk modify" a series of "similar" bookings in single action.

For bookings to be considered "similar" to each other, they must all be for the same client, and must all have the same start and finish times.

The dates, venues, booking types, and other fields may however all be different and MIDAS will still consider them "similar".

Bookings which MIDAS doesn't consider "similar" are those for other clients, or which take place at other times.

Here's an example to illustrate what MIDAS considers as "similar" bookings:

Original Booking: Client A has booked Room 1 on 14th April from 1pm - 3pm

Similar Bookings to the original:

Dissimilar Bookings to the original:

The "Modify Similar Bookings" search will not return results for different clients, or for bookings which start at different times, or have a different length to the original booking.

This is by design, and is due to the way the Add/Modify Bookings screen works.

As you may be aware, the Add/Modify Bookings screen allows you to select multiple venues and/or multiple dates to add bookings too, however, there is only one set of times and one client field, the values for which are applied to all selected venue/date combinations.

Therefore, it is not possible to have bookings with different start/end times or for different clients presented on a single Add/Modify bookings screen. For this reason, the "Modify Similar Bookings" search feature can only return results that have matching clients and matching start/end times.

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