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Why do newly added venues not appear in my booking grid?

MIDAS allows you to "group" venues together into venue groups.

For example, if some of your rooms are located in one building and other rooms in another, you could create separate venue groups for your two buildings and then assign rooms to each venue group according to which building each one resides in. Alternatively, if you hire out both sports facilities and meeting rooms, you could create a separate venue group for each type of space you hire out and assign your spaces to the relevant group accordingly.

Your Booking Grid can then be "filtered" to show only those venues which appear in a particular venue group. Additionally, you can restrict - on a per user basis - which venue group(s) (and therefore which rooms/spaces) each person can view/book.

By default, when you add a new venue to MIDAS, it isn't automatically assigned to any venue groups. Therefore, if your booking grid defaults to (or is limited to only show) venues from a specific existing venue group, your newly added venue won't be included in this view.

To resolve, you can simply select "Show All" from the "View" drop-down above your booking grid, which in turn will show all venues in your booking system (including your newly added venue).

Alternatively, you can add your new venue to one or more venue groups to which you have access. This can be achieved via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage Venues → [select venue] → Groups.

If you wish to modify which venue group(s) each user in your booking system has access to view/book, this can be achieved via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage Users & Permissions → [select user] → View Access.

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