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Why is my card declined whilst trying to purchase/renew/upgrade MIDAS?

If you receive a message that your credit or debit card has been declined when attempting to purchase, renew, or upgrade your MIDAS system through our secure website, then don't worry - no money will have been taken from your card.

In most instances, your card issuer won't disclose to us the specific reason why they may have declined a particular transaction, however, it's possible that their automated systems have flagged your MIDAS transaction as unusual and out of the ordinary, based on your previous spending habits on the card you've attempted to use. This can be especially true if it's for a larger amount than you would normally spend on your card, and/or if you're located outside of the UK (as we are a UK-based business).

A card decline of this nature - although frustrating - does show that at least you have a responsible card issuer who's being proactive in detecting and protecting you from unusual transactions.

In such instances, this can usually be readily resolved by simply contacting your card issuer and asking them to ease the restriction on your account so that future payments of this particular nature will be accepted. You should then be able to successfully retry your card transaction.

If you're still unable to complete your card payment after speaking to your card issuer, you may wish to try using a different card or an alternative payment method. We also accept card payments via the PayPal payment option, as well as payment by Electronic (Bank/Wire) Transfer.

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