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Why does outgoing email fail with "Mail sent by user nobody being discarded due to sender restrictions in WHM→Tweak Settings"?

This error is generated by your server, not by MIDAS itself, and is due to your server settings, for which you may need to contact your system administrator to resolve.

Essentially your server has been configured to execute Perl (CGI) as the user "nobody", and at the same time, your administrator/hosting provider has disabled your server's ability to send mail as "nobody".

As a result - MIDAS, or any other Perl scripts on your server, will be unable to send outgoing mail until either:

Either of these options should resolve your issue.

You may also be able to resolve this issue by changing the mail transport used by MIDAS (from Sendmail to SMTP, or vice versa). You'll find this setting via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Email → Send outgoing email using)

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