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Why are users still able to book outside the operating hours I've set?

Once you specify Operating Hours for your venues (via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage Venues), users by default will not be able to add bookings to your venues outside of their respective hours of operation (i.e. when they are closed).

However, the "Can book outside Operating Hours" permission - which can be granted on a per-user basis by administrative users - permits the adding of bookings for your venues even during their defined "closed" periods.

If you wish to ensure no bookings can be added to the scheduling system when your venues are set to be "closed", you will need to revoke this permission from those users accounts for which it is currently set.

This may be done via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage Users & Permissions → [select user], untick the "Can book outside Operating Hours" permission, and click "Save Changes". Repeat this for all accounts where this permission has been previously granted.

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