Use the MIDAS API with Postman

Postman integration for MIDAS MIDAS integration with Postman

The MIDAS API collection is available for Postman

Postman is a third party API development tool. It helps developers build, test, collaborate and integrate APIs, and is used by over 5 million developers every month. The MIDAS API collection for Postman makes it easy to work with the MIDAS API.
Making an API call to MIDAS via Postman


Import the MIDAS API Collection

Create a new Workspace in Postman, and then import the MIDAS API Collection.

Configure the Collection

Enter your MIDAS API Key, and specify your MIDAS API URL.

Make API calls

You're now ready to make calls to the MIDAS API from within Postman.


Using the MIDAS API with Postman


Postman integration is available for both cloud hosted and self hosted editions of MIDAS room booking software and requires the optional MIDAS API addon.

...or if you're an existing customer, you can easily add API integration to your MIDAS system.

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