Integrate MIDAS & Collect Reviews To Collect Booking Feedback

Collect Reviews integration for MIDAS MIDAS integration with Collect Reviews

Invite reviews and ratings from users of your facilities

Leading web based Room Booking System & online Resource Scheduling software solution. MIDAS is available in both Cloud hosted & download/on-premises editions



A client's booking takes place at your facilities.


Shortly after their booking concludes, MIDAS sends the client an automated and customizable post-booking follow-up email. This email is also silently BCC'd to your unique Collect Reviews invite email address.


This BCC'd email triggers Collect Reviews to send an invitation to the client asking them to rate and/or review their experience at facilities on the Collect Reviews platform.


Collect Reviews integration is available for both cloud hosted and self hosted editions of MIDAS room booking software through an optional addon.

...or if you're an existing customer, you can easily add Collect Reviews integration to your MIDAS system.

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