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About The "Reviews" addon

The optional "Reviews" addon for self-hosted or cloud-hosted MIDAS room booking systems allows your business to automatically collect feedback, reviews, and ratings from the customers who use your facilities.

How It Works

The "Reviews" addon works by automatically notifying a 3rd party review collection platform after a client's booking has taken place in your facilities. The review platform then in turn sends out a review invitation by email to your client asking them to leave a review of your organization or business on their site.

Here's how the process works:

  1. A client's booking in MIDAS takes place.
  2. Shortly thereafter, MIDAS automatically sends the client a post-booking email (the content of which is customizable via a template)
  3. When this email is sent, it is also transparently BCC'd to your chosen review collection platform
  4. The review platform then in turn sends the same client an invitation to rate and/or review your organization/business on their independent review platform

Supported Review Platforms

The "Reviews" addon currently supports the following external review platforms:
Collect Reviews Collect Reviews Collect Reviews Collect Reviews


This addon requires the following:

Installing the Addon

The Reviews addon is available as an option for MIDAS v4.24 (or later), and may be purchased along with MIDAS, or added at a later stage to an existing system.Once purchased, the Reviews addon will become available for one-click installation via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage Addons → Addons Ready To Install → Reviews


Step 1: Email Configuration

In order for this addon to function, your MIDAS system must be correctly configured for sending email.

For assistance correctly configuring email in MIDAS please refer to the documentation.

Step 2: Scheduled Tasks

Once you've verified that your MIDAS system is able to send email, you'll next need to ensure that Scheduled Tasks have been correctly configured in your MIDAS system.

These settings may be found via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Scheduled Tasks.

Please check the "Last Run" time and verify that this indicates a time within the past hour. If it does not, then Scheduled Tasks have not been correctly configured for your MIDAS system.

For assistance correctly configuring Scheduled Tasks please see the following KB article: How to configure your server to run Scheduled Tasks.

Step 3: Obtain review BCC email address

In order for your chosen review platform to be able to send a review invitation to your facility's users, they'll provide you with a unique email address (known as a BCC email address). You'll need to make a note of this email address, as you'll need to enter it within the Reviews addon settings page in your MIDAS system.

Details of how to obtain your unique BCC email address for each supported review platform is available via the following links:

The above links may also provide further details on any applicable settings within the review platform itself that you may be able to configure. For example, how quickly your clients should receive a review invitation, or how many times or how frequently each client should be sent a review invitation.

Don't worry if the review platform indicates that you need to add additional hidden "code" to your emails. This will be automatically added by the Review addon in MIDAS.

Step 4: Configuring the addon

Once you have your unique BCC email address from your chosen review platform, you'll need to enter it within the Reviews addon settings page in your MIDAS system.

This may be accessed via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage Addons → Reviews.

On this screen, select the review platform you're using to collect customer reviews. You'll then be prompted to enter the BCC email address the review platform has provided for you. Click "Save Changes" when done.


Emails not being picked up by the review platform

Your chosen review platform may provide a list of currently pending and recently sent review invites. These should correspond to the post-booking email notifications sent to clients from your MIDAS system. If these emails are not being picked up by your chosen review platform, then it may be due to the following:
  1. Your MIDAS system is not correctly configured to send email
  2. Scheduled Tasks have not been correctly to run on your server (For assistance please refer this KB article)
  3. The "Send clients a post-booking email..."option has not been enabled (via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Scheduled Tasks → Bookings)

Release Notes

1st March 2020· Initial release of the Reviews Addon (for MIDAS v4.24+)