Powerful Client Database

Empower Your Business Relationships: Manage Clients Effortlessly with MIDAS

Building and maintaining strong client relationships is crucial for any business. MIDAS booking systems recognize this by providing a highly customizable client database that empowers you to manage your client information efficiently and effectively.

Seamless Client Integration with Bookings

Every booking in MIDAS is associated with a client, making the process of adding new clients or connecting existing clients to bookings quick and intuitive. You can:
  • Create new clients instantly: During the booking creation process, effortlessly add new clients to your database with just the necessary details.
  • Link existing clients to new bookings: Quickly associate existing clients with new bookings, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Import Clients with Ease

Don't waste time manually entering your existing client data. MIDAS offers convenient options for importing client information from other applications you use, or from a standard spreadsheet file, eliminating manual data entry and allowing you to readily populate your MIDAS database with existing client records.

Tailored Client Records: Capturing the Information You Need

MIDAS goes beyond generic client information. By default, it can capture essential details such as:
  • Client name
  • Organization
  • Email address
  • Postal address
  • Contact Phone numbers

However, MIDAS's true power lies in its customization. You can:

  • Disable irrelevant default fields: Remove unnecessary fields that don't apply to your business, simplifying the client record for ease of use.
  • Create custom client fields: Capture the specific information that's most valuable for your interactions with clients, allowing you to tailor client records to your unique needs.

Enhanced Management and Communication

MIDAS empowers you to effectively manage and communicate with your clients through powerful features:
  • Quick and easy record modifications: Update client information efficiently through the intuitive interface, ensuring your records remain accurate and up-to-date.
  • Comprehensive booking history: View a complete record of a client's bookings within the system, providing valuable insights into their needs and preferences.
  • Direct email communication: Send emails directly to clients from within MIDAS, streamlining communication and fostering stronger relationships.

    Streamlined Invoicing and Payment Processes

    MIDAS simplifies invoicing and payment processes with client-centric features:
    • Client credit lines: Maintain individual credit lines for each client, offering flexibility and personalized payment options.
    • Custom invoice recipients: Specify alternative invoice recipients for specific clients, ensuring invoices reach the appropriate individual or department within an organization.

    Effortless Access and Data Export

    MIDAS offers several user-friendly features for accessing and managing your client data:
    • Built-in search functionality: Easily locate specific clients using various search criteria, saving you time and effort.
    • Data export in various formats: Export your client data in different file formats, including CSV or Excel, allowing for easy integration with other applications or data analysis tools.

    Maintaining a Clean and Efficient Database

    MIDAS provides tools to ensure your client database remains efficient and organized:
    • Client record merging: Combine duplicate or inaccurate client records into a single, accurate record, promoting data integrity.
    • Obsolete client removal: Easily identify and remove inactive clients who haven't booked in a long time, keeping your database clean and manageable.

    Ready to Simplify Client Management and Foster Stronger Relationships?

    MIDAS's highly customizable client database delivers a comprehensive solution for managing your client information, streamlining communication, and fostering stronger business relationships.

    Start a free trial today to explore how MIDAS can help you effortlessly manage your client base and elevate your business interactions.

The Add Booking screen in MIDAS. Fields can be enabled/disabled and custom fields added
The Add Booking screen in MIDAS. Fields can be enabled/disabled and custom fields added

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