Powerful Client Database

MIDAS boasts a highly customizable client database.

Each booking you add in a MIDAS system will be added for one of your "clients".

New clients can be instantly added to the database when creating bookings, or an existing client can be quickly associated with a new booking.

MIDAS also allows importing client data from 3rd party applications, or from a simple spreadsheet.

By default, each client record in the database stores the client's name, the organization they work for, their postal address, phone, cell, and fax numbers, as well as their email address (or addresses).

However, default client fields can be readily disabled, and additional custom client fields created.

This allows capturing of additional client-specific information with each client record.

Using the powerful search capabilities of MIDAS, you can quickly modify a client's record, view their booking history, and even email them directly from within the software.

When it comes to invoicing, MIDAS allows you to maintain a line of credit for each of your clients. You can also specify that invoices for a given client's bookings are instead sent to someone else. This is perfect if you have client records to several people at one organization, as you can have all their invoices sent to a single person, such as the organization's finance department.

Need to see a list of all clients in your MIDAS system? The built-in search facility can do this for you, and you can quickly export client data in a variety of formats at any time.

Finally, MIDAS makes it easy to keep on top of your client database as it grows. Tools are provided to allow "merging" of multiple clients into one client, and to remove obsolete clients from the system who haven't had a booking for a long time.

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The Add Booking screen in MIDAS. Fields can be enabled/disabled and custom fields added
The Add Booking screen in MIDAS. Fields can be enabled/disabled and custom fields added

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