How To Modify A Client

This video tutorial covers editing and updating client records.

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Hello and welcome to MIDAS tutorials.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how you can modify your client records.

So there's a couple of ways we can do this; let's take this booking for example.

This is for Jane Doe, and if we wish to modify the client we can do that from the Modify Booking screen.

And you'll see adjacent to the client/organization field the little edit icon - "Modify Client".

If we click that, that brings up all the details that we currently hold for Jane Doe, and we can change any of these accordingly.

So let's change the organization to "MIDAS2" for example, and "Modify Client".

"Client has been updated" - and you'll see the changes are reflected there, and if we modify the booking, you can see the changes are also reflected there.

The other way you can modify clients is via the search function.

So if we click "Search" and we locate the client we wish to modify, so we'll search for "Jane" - there's Jane Doe, we can click the Edit icon there.

Let's change her organization name to "MIDAS3".

Let's turn off her email reminders, and remove her current credit of $20 - make that zero, and we click "Modify Client".

And you can see the organization name has been updated to "MIDAS3".

If we go back to the booking grid the change is also reflected there as well.

Thanks for watching and be sure to check out some of our other video tutorials online.

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