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How to enable debug logging

Note: This article applies to self-hosted editions of MIDAS only

If when using your MIDAS scheduling system you see a "MIDAS encountered an unexpected error" message in your browser, then to help identify the specific cause of the error you may need to enable debug logging.

For security reasons, debug logging in MIDAS is disabled by default, and therefore in the unlikely event that your MIDAS encounters an error, very limited information will be shown to end-users.

To enable debug logging, you will need access to the server where your MIDAS resides, and you'll need to do the following:

  1. Locate the "midasglobal.dat" file and open this in a standard text editor
  2. On line 3 of this file (after the <midas> tag on the previous line), add the following:
  3. Save changes to the midasglobal.dat back to the server

Now try and recreate the conditions which led to the "MIDAS encountered an unexpected error" message in your browser, and additional diagnostic information will be shown along with the generic error message.

In addition, a "debug.dat" file may also be created on your server (at the location where your MIDAS is installed), which will contain further error details.

Important: We recommend only enabling debug logging to troubleshoot a specific issue, or when requested by MIDAS support. Once your issue has been resolved, you should disable debug logging again and remove any created "debug.dat" file

To disable debug logging, follow the steps for enabling debug logging above, but set <debug>3</debug> (or remove the <debug>...</debug> line completely)

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