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Configuring your server to handle SVG images

Note: This article applies to self-hosted editions of MIDAS v4.09 or later

MIDAS v4.09 introduces a new optional "High Resolution" theme pack, ideally suited to users who view MIDAS on large, high resolution displays.

This theme utilizes SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images in place for traditional .jpg and .png images.

Most modern web server have support for SVG files enabled by default, however, if your server doesn't, this article will explain how SVG support can be quickly enabled:

For Apache Servers:

You can either configure SVG support in your server's main httpd.conf file, or on a per-directory level via .htaccess files:

httpd.conf is located at "apache/conf/httpd.conf". Within this file, there should be a <IfModule mime_module> (or similar) section. Ensure the following line is present within this section, and if its not, add it:

AddType image/svg+xml svg

You'll need to save your modified httpd.conf and restart your Apache server for changes to take affect.

Alternatively, you can add AddType image/svg+xml svg to the .htaccess file within the directory where your MIDAS is installed

For IIS Servers:

Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager and select "MIME Types".Click "Add" and enter the following:

Add SVG MIME Type to IIS

Click "OK" and then restart your IIS server for changes to take affect

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