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Why can't some resources be added to certain bookings?

MIDAS allows you to setup "resources" which can then be assigned to bookings. Resources may include for instance equipment, staffing, or consumables.

By default, all new resources you define in your booking system then become available for assigning to bookings taking place in any of your bookable spaces.

There may be instances however where you wish to limit the spaces in which a particular resource can be used.

For example, let's say you have both an outdoor hockey pitch available for booking as well as a small indoor dance studio. Those are your bookable spaces - or "venues". Let's say you also have two resources, "Hockey Nets" and "CD Player".

Clearly, the Hockey Nets are only intended for use on your outdoor hockey pitch, and the CD player is only intended for use in the dance studio.

So MIDAS allows you to limit which venue (or venue) each resource may assigned to.

This is done via the MIDAS Admin Options → Manage Resources screen.

On this screen, select a resource and click the corresponding "Modify" icon.

The "Limit To" option allows you to restrict the selected resource to one or more venues. When this option is set to "All Venues", the resource will be available for assigning to bookings taking place in any of your spaces.

By unticking the "All Venues" option, you can then select which venue (or venues) the resource is to be made available to. Once done, click the "Modify" button to save changes.

So, if when you come to add a booking to MIDAS and assign resources to it, some resources are not listed - it's probably because they've not been made available to the venue you've selected.

To resolve, you can select a different venue to add your booking to (one where your desired resources are available for assignment). Alternatively, if you're an administrator, you can modify the resource (as outlined above) to make it available in other spaces.

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