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How to fix "A required file is missing or corrupt" errors

If you see an error message when accessing your MIDAS booking system that "A required file is missing or corrupt", this indicates that MIDAS was unable to read a core settings file which is required in order for the software to function correctly.

The file in question will be the main settings file, named "midas.dat". This file should be located on your server at the location to which you originally installed your MIDAS booking system.

If you're seeing this error message immediately following a software update to v4.22 (or later) from a version earlier than v4.22, and there is no file named "midas.dat" within your installation, this indicates that your server was unable to create this file when updating to v4.22+. The cause of this will most likely be due to inadequate file or folder permissions.

The midas.dat file itself is new from v4.22 onwards, and supersedes the previous "midasglobal.dat" settings file.

If you encounter this issue under this scenario, then in order to resolve, you'll need to contact our support team via email. Please and attach your existing midasglobal.dat settings file to your email. Our support team will be able to generate a new "midas.dat" file for you which will resolve your issue.

If, however, you encounter this error message and you haven't recently updated your MIDAS software then it may be that this important file has been inadvertently deleted, or has become corrupt.

In this case, you can either restore this file from your own recent server backups, or alternatively contact our support team via email. Please attach the most recent .tar file from within the "BKUPS" directory of your MIDAS installation. Our support team will be able to extract the last known "good" copy of your "midas.dat" file for you which will resolve your issue.

If you're still experiencing this issue having followed the above advice, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to assist further.

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