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What is "Maintenance Mode"?

MIDAS is capable of running in a special "read-only" mode, referred to as "Maintenance Mode".

"Maintenance Mode" cannot be enabled/disabled manually by end users or administrators, it may however be temporarily enabled whenever software updates to your MIDAS system occur, or in the case of our "cloud hosted" customers, during periods when essential maintenance is being performed on our network/infrastructure.

When your MIDAS system is running in this limited mode, this will be indicated on your login screen.

You'll still be able to login to MIDAS and view all your booking, client, and invoice, etc information as normal whilst your MIDAS is in "Maintenance Mode". However, you will not be able to make or save any changes to your system (including adding, removing, or modifying bookings, clients, invoices, etc, as well as general software settings) during such periods.

This is to avoid the possibility of data loss occurring during a software update, or a period of essential network/infrastructure maintenance.

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