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Why am I prompted to install additional software when printing?

This article applies to MIDAS v4.06 and earlier only

When attempting to print for the first time within MIDAS, you may see a prompt to install a plug-in called "ScriptX":

ScriptX install prompt

This 3rd party plug-in allows MIDAS to override the header/footer that your browser automatically adds to printouts of web pages. For example, when you usually try to print anything from your browser, the printout will include the title and URL of the web page, as well as the date and number of pages.

By installing "MeadCo's ScriptX" plugin when prompted, MIDAS can suppress these headers/footers. That way, you won't get any URLs appearing on the bottom of your printed invoices, etc.

The headers/footers that will then be printed are completely customizable through the use of Templates

This plugin was removed as of MIDAS v4.07, as modern web browsers now natively allow disabling of headers/footers on printouts. Consequently, the functionality previously provided by this plugin became redundant

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