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Kaspersky blocks access to MIDAS

Kasperskey NotificationWe are aware of an intermittent issue for some users of Kaspersky Anti-Virus/Internet Security product, whereby Kaspersky prevents access to our web based software due to the apparent detection of "HEUR:Torjan-Downloader.Script.Generic".

This is known as a false-positive. Our web based room and resource scheduling system is 100% clean. There are no viruses, trojans, or other malicious code contained within MIDAS, and we have reported this false positive to Kaspersky.

If you encounter this issue, it usually resolves itself upon the next update of your Kaspersky virus database (If you have this set to automatically update this should be within a few hours). If you can't wait that long, please consider temporarily disabling Heuristic scanning of web content, or adding an exception for your MIDAS URL

UPDATE: There have been no further reports of this issue as of 1st July 2011

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