Monitor a MIDAS system with PRTG

PRTG integration for MIDAS MIDAS integration with PRTG

Real-time monitoring of key parameters and metrics of a MIDAS room booking system

PRTG is a leading professional network monitoring software solution, trusted by over 150,000 network/IT administrators worldwide to provide unified monitoring of the performance and reliability of their entire networks, infrastructure and applications.
Naming HTTP Content Sensor Channels


Choose which aspects of a MIDAS system you wish to monitor

Over 20 different parameters and metrics of a MIDAS room booking system can be monitored in real-time.

Create a new sensor in PRTG

Create a new HTTP Content sensor in PRTG to monitor a special URL indicating the MIDAS parameters and metrics you wish to monitor

Start Monitoring

PRTG will then start actively monitoring your MIDAS system in real-time.


MIDAS PRTG Sensors Addon


PRTG integration is available for both cloud hosted and self hosted editions of MIDAS room booking software through an optional addon.

...or if you're an existing customer, you can easily add PRTG integration to your MIDAS system.

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