Maximum Occupancy

What is Maximum Occupancy?

Maximum Occupancy is a measure of the total number of individuals a room of space may safely accommodate at any given time.

Often referred to as a room's "capacity", a space's maximum occupancy level may depend upon a number of additional factors aside from the physical dimensions of the room.

Factors affecting a room's maximum occupancy may include:

All of the above factors will have a bearing on the space's maximum occupancy level.

Maximum Occupancy can also refer to the total number of people of site, across all rooms and spaces.

Exceeding a room (or a site's) maximum occupancy level can have disasters consequences in the event of an emergency.

Because this is so important, our MIDAS scheduling software allows setting maximum occupancy levels for each bookable space. Our software will warn if the total number of people on site is approaching occupancy limits, and will prevent bookings that would exceed this level.

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