Don't Exceed Maximum Occupancy!

MIDAS was built with the safety of the people and visitors to your facilities in mind.

With MIDAS, you can set maximum occupancy limits for each of your rooms and bookable spaces.

When bookings for those spaces are made, the total number of attendees can be entered. If this is more than the venue can safely accommodate, MIDAS will prevent the booking from being made.

In addition to being able to set individual venue capacities, MIDAS also lets you set a global occupancy limit.

This is the maximum number of people that your entire site can safely accommodate at any one time.

If this site capacity is predicted to be reached, MIDAS will not allow any further bookings to be made for that period.

MIDAS can also be configured to alert you if your site is nearing its maximum capacity.

This information is made available to all users on the Booking Availability Screen.

Setting maximum occupancy limits ensures that your business operations comply with any applicable licensing restrictions and Health & Safety legislation by ensuring that your spaces and facilities as a whole do not exceed their maximum occupancy levels.

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Set maximum occupancy (capacity) limits in MIDAS
Set maximum occupancy (capacity) limits in MIDAS

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