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Prioritize Safety and Compliance: Managing Occupancy Limits with MIDAS

Ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants within your facility is paramount. We recognize this critical aspect of your operations, and so our booking software provides a comprehensive suite of features to help you monitor and enforce maximum occupancy limits effectively.

Setting Individual Venue Capacities: Tailored Safety Measures

With MIDAS, you have the power to define individual maximum occupancy limits for each bookable space within your facility. This allows you to:
  • Account for space variations: Set specific capacity limits for rooms and areas of different sizes, ensuring safe and comfortable occupancy levels in each space.
  • Adhere to specific regulations: Align occupancy limits with relevant licensing restrictions or health and safety regulations, guaranteeing compliance with local requirements.

Enforcing Limits During Booking Creation: Proactive Safety Measures

MIDAS goes beyond simply defining limits. During the booking creation process, it:
  • Prompts users to enter the expected number of attendees: This ensures clear communication and avoids potential misunderstandings about expected occupancy levels.
  • Prevents bookings exceeding capacity limits: If the entered number of attendees surpasses the pre-defined maximum for the chosen space, MIDAS restricts the booking from being created, preventing potential safety hazards.

Global Occupancy Limits: Safeguarding Your Entire Facility

In addition to individual space capacities, MIDAS empowers you to set a global occupancy limit for your entire facility. This value represents the maximum number of people your site can safely accommodate at any given time. Similar to individual space limits, the global limit acts as a safeguard, preventing:
  • Overcrowding: MIDAS prohibits bookings when the projected total occupancy, considering all existing and pending bookings, is predicted to reach or exceed the global limit.
  • Compromised safety: By proactively preventing bookings that would push occupancy beyond safe levels, MIDAS prioritizes the well-being of everyone within your facility.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts: Staying Informed

MIDAS keeps you informed about your facility's occupancy status through various features:
  • Booking Availability Screen: This readily displays the current and projected occupancy levels for your entire site, providing a clear visual representation of available capacity.
  • Alerts when Nearing Capacity: If the projected occupancy approaches the global limit, MIDAS triggers alerts, notifying you and other designated users about the potential need to restrict further bookings.

Compliance and Peace of Mind: The Benefits of Occupancy Limits

Setting and enforcing maximum occupancy limits with MIDAS offers numerous benefits:
  • Enhanced safety: Ensure the safety and well-being of everyone within your facility by preventing overcrowding and adhering to safety regulations.
  • Improved compliance: Meet and exceed licensing and health and safety requirements by maintaining safe occupancy levels at all times.
  • Informed decision-making: Gain real-time insights into facility occupancy, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding bookings and resource allocation.
  • Peace of mind: Operate your facility with confidence, knowing that you have proactive measures in place to prevent potential safety hazards.

Ready to Prioritize Safety and Streamline Occupancy Management?

A MIDAS booking system equips you with the tools and functionalities necessary to effectively monitor and enforce maximum occupancy limits. By prioritizing safety and ensuring compliance, you can create a safe and secure environment for everyone within your facility.

Start a free trial today and discover how MIDAS can empower you to manage occupancy limits effectively and elevate your facility management practices.

Set maximum occupancy (capacity) limits in MIDAS
Set maximum occupancy (capacity) limits in MIDAS

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