Church Room Booking System

Does this look familiar...?

Are you still using a paper-based room booking system in your Church office to schedule events and rooms in your Church building?

If so, you're probably spending more time than you'd like trying to maintain clear and accurate booking records, and making sure everyone else knows what's going on!

...or maybe you've tried moving on from "bookings book" to programs like Excel or Outlook or Google Calendar for your Church Scheduling? - Programs that were never designed specifically for room scheduling and don't quite meet all your needs and expectations from a Church booking system!?

Churches are becoming increasingly active all week long - not just on Sundays! - with rooms used for varied activities by both Church and external community groups alike.

Does you existing booking process cope?

Maybe it's time to change?!

Introducing MIDAS...

The complete Web Based Room Scheduling solution for the effective management of your Church facilities and resources!

With our MIDAS Church software you have complete control over your Church room bookings and equipment scheduling. Send booking confirmations and invoices to clients, take booking requests through your website, and put an end to double bookings once and for all!

MIDAS already helps a growing number of Churches around the world increase their visitor numbers and decrease administrative staff's workload through more effective management of their room hires and bookings. So if you're not completely satisfied with your current booking system, then why not take a look at MIDAS...

10 reasons why it's time to change:

  1. A cloud-based Church calendar can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  2. Church leaders can access critical booking information with a simple Internet connection.
  3. Church members can check room availability themselves without having to distract you.
  4. The Church gets to define who controls the calendar.
  5. Events can be scheduled, but they must also be approved.
  6. Avoid two groups needing the same space and resources at the same time.
  7. Plan ahead to ensure any necessary equipment for each group is available in the appropriate part of your Church's facilities.
  8. Move the responsibilities to request rooms to those who need the space and not just on a single contact person.
  9. Empower staff and ministry leaders to resolve their own space scheduling conflicts before an administrator has to get involved.
  10. Streamline the time spent on scheduling and administrative tasks, and reduce the amount of confusion and paperwork!

Software Features: