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This video tutorial covers how to search for bookings, clients, as well as within the included help documentation.

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Hello and welcome to MIDAS tutorials.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you some of the extensive search capabilities available in the system, and these are accessed by the "Search" toolbar icon.

From the search screen we can quickly locate clients, bookings, or indeed search the included help documentation.

So to search for a particular client we can simply enter their name - John Smith.

Press Enter or click the search icon here, and it will show me all matching clients for John Smith.

We don't just have to search by name we can enter the name of an organization here.

So if we search "MIDAS" it will show me all the clients there that's associated with the organization MIDAS.

or you could search here by an address, phone number, email address and so forth.

You'll see adjacent to each search result there are a series of icons.

This icon here will allow me to email the client directly from within the system.

The print icon will allow me to print that client's previous bookings, future bookings, or all those client's bookings between a specific date range.

The pencil icon will allow me to make changes to this client.

So for example here's John Smith. If we click "Modify Client" we could enter his phone number, and "Modify client", and you'll see now there's been a phone number added for John Smith.

The final icon is the Delete icon which will allow me to delete this client.

So let's click that, and it's also worth remembering when we delete a client it will also delete all bookings for that client as well.

So because I don't want to do that I will click "No".

A little handy tip as well if you wish to list all the clients in your MIDAS database, if you search with an asterisk (*) that will then list all the clients currently in your database.

So that's how to search for clients.

If you search for a client that doesn't exist you'll then have the opportunity to add them.

So I know we don't have a client at the moment called Jane Smith, if I search for "Jane Smith", MIDAS will tell me "No Matches Found".

I can then add new client and then I can add Jane Smith as a client.

I can fill in all the details there then click "Add New Client".

"Client has been added to the database", and you'll see there she is there.

So that's how to search for clients.

If instead we wish to search for bookings we can select "Bookings", and you'll see that some additional options we're presented with here.

So let's search for John Smith's bookings and let's search for all bookings that were added to the system this month.

Search.. and there we go we can see all of John's bookings there.

Again additional icons may be present here to the right allowing us to modify the booking, which is this icon here, modify similar bookings - so other bookings for John Smith that occur at similar times.

We can delete this booking, we can delete similar bookings.

Generate an invoice for this booking, or we can add a reminder for this booking.

So this is a really easy way to access and make changes to specific bookings.

So using those search options, this found all bookings that were added for John Smith over this date range.

We can also search for bookings that were modified over that date range, or bookings that were either added or modified, or bookings at the taking place between those dates.

We can further limit it to just bookings that we ourselves - the user that's currently logged-in - has added or modified, or all bookings - so bookings have been added or modified by other users as well, and we can also further limit it to specific booking types.

So there's some really powerful search options there to help you quickly locate bookings in your MIDAS system.

The final search option is "Help" and this will allow us to search the help documentation.

So if we wish to find out more about "online payments", MIDAS will then search through the included help documentation for all matching topics on online payments.

And I can click these and MIDAS well then open up the relevant help page for that.

Thanks for watching and be sure to check out some of our other video tutorials online.

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