Hybrid Working

What is Hybrid Working?

Hybrid working is a work arrangement that combines both remote and in-office work. This can take many forms, but generally it means that employees have the option to work from home or another remote location some of the time, and to work in the office or on-site the rest of the time. The specific schedule and proportion of remote working vs. time in the office can vary depending on the company and the employee.

Hybrid working can be beneficial as it allows employees to take advantage of the benefits of both remote and in-office work, such as the flexibility and cost savings of remote work, combined with the social interaction and collaboration of in-office work. It also allows companies to adapt to the changing work environment and employee preferences post-pandemic.

Hybrid working can also help companies to better manage their office space, as they may need less space if more employees are working remotely. Additionally, it can help to improve employee engagement and satisfaction, by giving employees more control over their work environment and schedule.

Cloud based business software applications like MIDAS make hybrid working possible. An employee can access business critical software regardless of their physical location on any particular day.

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