Automated Database Backups

Safety of your room booking is paramount - that's why we built in a host of features into our MIDAS room booking system to protect against data loss.

First of all, MIDAS automatically creates a backup of its entire database upon the first successful login each day. These backups are created silently in the background without affecting performance.

Administrative users can also instantly backup the database at any point in time through the click of a button!

Database backups are stored on the same server as your MIDAS system for a period of time you specify (i.e. 7/30 days) after which they're automatically removed.

But that's not all, for added piece of mind MIDAS can also automatically email daily database backups to you. This allows you to maintain your own "off-server" backups of your MIDAS system.

Database backups can be quickly (and selectively) restored within MIDAS itself, allowing you to easily "roll back" or restore your MIDAS system to an earlier point in time.

For our cloud-hosted customers, we also offer additional protection against data loss or hardware failure;

In addition to the automated backups described above, we also take daily backups of our cloud-hosted customer's MIDAS systems. These are stored off-site in geographically separate locations.

This means that in the highly unlikely but unfortunate event of a hardware failure or data center problem, as part of our disaster recovery plan, your data remains backed up without risk of loss.

Furthermore, in the unlikely event that a customer's cloud-hosted MIDAS system is ever unavailable, we offer an optional Emergency Access addon. This provides customers with access to a copy of their MIDAS system, running on a different server in a different data center.

All these various features are there to safeguard your MIDAS system from data loss.

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Database Backup/Restore Manager in MIDAS
Database Backup/Restore Manager in MIDAS

Selectively restore from database backups in MIDAS
Selectively restore from database backups in MIDAS

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