Automated Database Backups

Safeguard Your Bookings: Comprehensive Data Protection with MIDAS Room Booking Systems

Safety of your room booking data is paramount - that's why we built a host of features into our MIDAS room booking software to protect against data loss. Our multi-layered approach to safeguarding your valuable booking information ensures peace of mind, business continuity, and mitigates the risk of data loss in various scenarios.

Automated Backups: Built-In Protection for Everyday Needs

MIDAS incorporates an automated backup system for comprehensive data protection:
  • Daily backups: Upon the first successful login each day, a full database backup is created automatically and silently in the background, with no impact on performance.
  • On-demand backups: Administrative users can initiate instant backup creation at any point in time, offering an additional layer of control and flexibility.
  • Customizable retention: Specify the desired storage period for backups (e.g., 7 or 30 days) before automatic deletion, allowing you to manage storage space efficiently.

Off-Server Backups and Disaster Recovery for Added Security

MIDAS goes beyond traditional on-server backups to provide enhanced protection:
  • Automated backups to your inbox: Optionally opt to receive daily database backups via email. This allows you to store off-server copies of your data, offering an additional layer of security in case of server-related issues.
  • Cloud-hosted customer benefits: For cloud-hosted systems, MIDAS implements additional disaster recovery measures:
    • Off-site backups: In addition to the automated backups described above, we also take daily backups of our cloud-hosted customer's MIDAS systems. These are stored off-site in geographically separate locations. This means that in the highly unlikely but unfortunate event of a hardware failure or data center problem, as part of our disaster recovery plan, your data remains backed up without risk of loss.
    • Emergency access: Access an optional Emergency Access add-on, which provides a real-time copy of your MIDAS system running on a different server in a separate data center. This ensures continued access to your booking system in the rare case of service disruptions.

Effortless Restoration: Recover Data Quickly and Easily

Should the need arise, MIDAS allows you to restore data quickly and efficiently:
  • Selective restoration: Quickly restore specific database elements, allowing you to revert to a previous state without affecting recent changes in other areas.
  • User-friendly interface: The intuitive MIDAS interface enables seamless restoration within the system itself, eliminating the need for complex procedures or external tools.

The Benefits of Comprehensive Data Protection with MIDAS

MIDAS's data protection features offer numerous advantages:
  • Mitigate data loss risks: Safeguard your valuable booking data and minimize the impact of potential hardware failures, software errors, or human error.
  • Ensure business continuity: Maintain access to your booking system and minimize operational disruptions in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Enhanced security: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is protected with multiple layers of security measures, including on-server, off-server, and geographically dispersed backups.
  • Improved disaster recovery: Benefit from robust disaster recovery measures for cloud-hosted systems, ensuring data availability and system accessibility even in extreme scenarios.
  • Granular control over backups: Manage backup schedules, retention periods, and restoration processes according to your specific needs and preferences.

Prioritize Data Security with Confidence

MIDAS's comprehensive data protection suite safeguards your booking data and empowers you to operate with confidence. With automated backups, customizable storage options, off-server capabilities, and user-friendly restoration tools, MIDAS provides the essential security features you need to protect your valuable booking information and ensure business continuity.

Start a free trial today to explore how MIDAS can transform the way you manage your booking system with piece of mind that your data is safeguarded from loss.

Database Backup/Restore Manager in MIDAS
Database Backup/Restore Manager in MIDAS

Selectively restore from database backups in MIDAS
Selectively restore from database backups in MIDAS

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