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Maintain Transparency and Security: Comprehensive Audit Logging with MIDAS

We know data security and accountability are paramount. That's why MIDAS booking systems incorporate comprehensive audit logging, providing a detailed record of all user activity within the system. This allows you to monitor booking system usage, maintain transparency, and enforce security measures effectively.

Uncompromising Transparency: Capturing Every Action

MIDAS keeps a meticulous audit log of all system and user activity:
  • Extensive logging: Every user action, system process, and notable event is timestamped and recorded, providing a comprehensive record of system usage.
  • Granular details: For user-initiated actions, the log captures user names, IP addresses, and specific actions performed, enabling detailed analysis of individual user activity.
  • Security monitoring: The log also records failed login attempts, allowing you to identify potential unauthorized access attempts.

Enhanced Monitoring and Analysis: Tailored Filtering and Reporting

MIDAS helps you analyze and understand user activity effectively:
  • Flexible filtering: Filter the audit log by specific users or action types, to focus on specific areas of interest.
  • Gelocation support: With our optional Geolocation addon, IP addresses in the audit log can be translated to actual specific geographic locations.
  • Reporting and exporting: Easily print or export the audit log for offline analysis and record-keeping purposes.

Granular Access Control: Defining User Privileges

MIDAS allows you to manage user access to audit logs:
  • Customizable user permissions: Determine which users have the ability to view or export the audit log, ensuring sensitive information is only accessible to authorized personnel.
  • "Invisible" user accounts: For enhanced privacy, you can mark specific user accounts as "invisible". Actions performed by these users will not be recorded in the audit log.

The Benefits of Comprehensive Audit Logging

MIDAS's audit logging features offer numerous advantages:
  • Enhanced security: Monitor for unauthorized access attempts and identify potential security threats promptly.
  • Improved accountability: Track user activity and hold individuals accountable for their actions within the system.
  • Transparency and trust: Foster trust by maintaining a transparent record of user activity.
  • Troubleshooting and audit trails: Utilize the log for troubleshooting purposes and audit trail reconstruction.
  • Compliance with regulations: Adhere to industry regulations and data privacy requirements that mandate logging user activity.

Experience the Power of Comprehensive Monitoring

MIDAS's audit logging maintains transparency, enhances security, and ensures accountability within your booking system. With its comprehensive recording, flexible filtering, and granular access control features, MIDAS provides the tools you need to monitor user activity effectively and safeguard your data.

Start a free trial today and explore how MIDAS can empower you to manage your booking system with confidence and control.

Recent Activity Audit Logging in MIDAS
Recent Activity Audit Logging in MIDAS

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