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Fine-Tune Availability: Setting Operational Hours with MIDAS Room Booking Software

Every organization's operation is different, operating diverse schedules with the need for flexibility to manage resources effectively. To accommodate this, MIDAS booking systems offer granular control over setting operational hours for each of your bookable spaces, allowing you to tailor availability and access to your venues based on specific requirements.

Define Availability with Precision: Customized Operating Hours

MIDAS allows you to define operating hours for each of your bookable spaces within the system:
  • Individual venue control: Set independent operating hours for each room or bookable space, catering to the unique needs of different venues within your organization.
  • Daily variations: Establish specific opening and closing hours for each day of the week, allowing you to reflect diverse operational schedules and accommodate different booking needs across weekdays and weekends.

Comprehensive Scheduling Management: Beyond Standard Operating Hours

MIDAS goes beyond basic operating hours to offer advanced scheduling functionalities:
  • Scheduled closures: Completely block out individual rooms or all venues on specific calendar dates, such as public holidays or company closures. This ensures clear communication and prevents bookings during unavailable periods.
  • Extended closure periods: Block out venues over entire date ranges, allowing you to manage unavailability during extended periods, such as building maintenance or holiday shutdowns.

User-Friendly Interface for Intuitive Management

MIDAS provides a user-friendly interface for setting and managing operational hours:
  • Visual scheduling: Utilize a clear visual interface to define operating hours for each day of the week.
  • Quick adjustments: Easily modify existing schedules as needed to reflect changes in operational requirements or accommodate unforeseen circumstances.

Enhancing Usability with Admin Override

MIDAS offers an optional user permission for additional control:
  • Administrator override: Grant specific administrators the ability to book outside of standard operating hours when necessary. This caters to exceptional situations or last-minute booking needs while maintaining overall control over availability.

The Benefits of Setting Operational Hours with MIDAS

MIDAS's advanced scheduling features offer numerous advantages:
  • Improved resource utilization: Optimize venue usage by clearly defining availability and preventing bookings during closed periods.
  • Enhanced communication: Communicate clear operating hours and booking limitations to staff and clients, preventing confusion and setting expectations.
  • Streamlined booking processes: Reduce invalid booking attempts and simplify booking management by aligning scheduling with operational realities.
  • Increased efficiency: Manage resources effectively and minimize scheduling conflicts by aligning booking availability with operating hours.
  • Flexibility to adapt: Easily adjust schedules as needed to accommodate changing operational demands or unforeseen circumstances.

Experience Scheduling Control and Efficiency

MIDAS's comprehensive scheduling capabilities empower you to take control of your booking system and optimize resource utilization. With its granular control over operating hours, flexible scheduling options, and user-friendly interface, MIDAS provides the perfect solution for managing bookings effectively and streamlining your organization's operations.

Start a free trial today and explore how MIDAS can transform the way you manage your bookable spaces and cater to diverse scheduling needs.

Set up hours of operation for each room for each day of the week
Set up hours of operation for each room for each day of the week

Close a space over date ranges such as holidays
Close a space over date ranges such as holidays

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