Day, Multi-Day, Week & Monthly Calendar Views

Navigate Your Scheduling Seas with Ease: Explore MIDAS's Calendar Views

Keeping track of bookings across your facility can feel like navigating a complex web of appointments and reservations. Juggling individual dates, multi-day events, and monthly overviews often requires multiple tools and constant back-and-forth.

But what if you could effortlessly visualize your entire scheduling landscape from a single platform? Enter MIDAS booking systems, designed to provide complete flexibility in viewing and managing your bookings through a range of intuitive calendar views.

The Booking Grid: Your Visual Booking Command Center

Upon logging into MIDAS, you'll encounter the Booking Grid, your central hub for visualizing all your bookings. This grid offers a clear, graphical representation of your booked spaces:
  • Vertical axis: Lists all your bookable spaces, like meeting rooms, classrooms, and halls.
  • Horizontal axis: Represents time slots throughout the day.
  • Colored blocks: Each booking becomes a colored block within the grid, its position indicating the specific space booked and the time and duration of the booking.
This visual interface allows you to quickly grasp availability at a glance. Need to see if the training room is free next Tuesday afternoon? A simple scan reveals the answer within seconds.

Beyond the Day: Exploring Multi-Day and Weekly Views

While the single-day view is excellent for immediate needs, MIDAS empowers you to zoom out with its multi-day view. This flexible functionality displays up to 8 weeks of bookings within the booking grid, providing a comprehensive overview of your upcoming schedule. Whether you're planning a multi-day conference or simply want to anticipate potential conflicts, this extended view equips you with valuable foresight.

Gaining Height: The Monthly Overview

For those seeking an even broader perspective, MIDAS offers the Monthly Overview view. This view transforms the booking grid into a calendar-style display, presenting a summary of bookings for every day in a chosen month. This allows you to:
  • Identify peak booking periods: Easily see at a glance which days are heavily booked, allowing you to plan accordingly and avoid scheduling conflicts.
  • Monitor trends over time: Gain insights into booking patterns across months, helping you make informed decisions about resource allocation and availability in the future.

Dive Deeper: Custom Reports and Printouts

The versatility of MIDAS goes beyond just visual representations. You can generate detailed reports and printouts of your bookings, catering to specific needs. Choose a custom date range and receive a comprehensive report summarizing all bookings within that timeframe, or opt for a detailed printout listing each booking's specifics, including space, time, and attendees.

MIDAS: Your One-Stop Shop for Booking Visualization

With its flexible calendar views, intuitive booking grid, and comprehensive reporting features, MIDAS empowers you to:
  • Gain instant clarity on your booking landscape through the intuitive booking grid.
  • Plan effectively for the future with multi-day and monthly overviews.
  • Identify trends and optimize resource allocation through insightful reports.

Ready to experience the power of visual booking management?
Start a free trial today and explore how MIDAS can transform the way you view and manage your bookings, bringing newfound clarity and control to your scheduling process.

Visual representation of bookings in the Booking Grid
Visual representation of bookings in the Booking Grid

Monthly booking overview calendar
Monthly booking overview calendar

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