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Conquer Booking Chaos: Group and Filter Rooms with Ease in MIDAS

Managing a facility with numerous bookable spaces can quickly become complex. With classrooms, meeting rooms, outdoor sports facilities, and event halls all on the same screen, it can easily be overwhelming. Quite often too, you may have different administrators responsible for different parts of your facilities. Finding the perfect booking system for your needs can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Introducing MIDAS's powerful grouping and filtering features, designed to transform your booking experience from cluttered to tidy.

Group Similar Spaces Together: Venue Groups Explained

MIDAS allows you to create venue groups, essentially categories that bind similar spaces together. This organization empowers you to:
  • Group rooms by location: Categorize rooms within specific buildings, floors, or even wings.
  • Group rooms by type: Organize rooms based on function, like meeting rooms, training rooms, or presentation halls.
  • Group rooms by capacity: Create categories for small, medium, and large-sized rooms, streamlining space selection for different group sizes.
The possibilities are endless, allowing you to tailor your venue groups to perfectly match your facility's unique layout and offerings.

Filter Your View, Focus on What Matters

Once you've established your venue groups, MIDAS empowers you to leverage them for efficient filtering. With a few clicks, you can:
  • Filter the booking grid: Choose to display only rooms belonging to specific venue groups. Imagine searching for a meeting room – simply select the "Meeting Rooms" group, and voila! Only relevant options appear, saving you precious time and eliminating distractions.
  • Filter by date: Need to find an available space for an upcoming event? Filter the grid to show only rooms with bookings on that specific date or within a desired date range. This targeted approach ensures you're not flooded with irrelevant information.

Granular Control for Administrators: User Access and Venue Groups

MIDAS goes beyond basic organization, offering granular control over user access to specific venue groups. This translates to:
  • Enhanced security: Grant access to specific venue groups based on user roles or departments. For instance, restrict access to faculty lounge bookings for students.
  • Streamlined user experience: Users only see rooms relevant to their needs and permissions, preventing confusion and ensuring they're focusing on the right options.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • An school office manager only sees meeting rooms and not teaching spaces.
  • The IT department can focuse solely on bookings for IT suites, without seeing booking for sports facilities.

Say Goodbye to Booking Frustration, Embrace Organization with MIDAS

Don't let managing numerous bookable spaces become a daily struggle. MIDAS's intuitive grouping and filtering features empower you to organize your spaces logically, filter your views efficiently, and control user access with ease.

Ready to transform your booking experience?
Start a free trial today and see how MIDAS can help streamline the management of your facilities.

Filtering the Booking Grid by venue group
Filtering the Booking Grid by venue group

Assigning rooms to venue groups
Assigning rooms to venue groups

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