Group & Filter Rooms

If you're dealing with lots of different spaces that can be booked within your facilities, it's useful to be able to group similar spaces together.

MIDAS can do just that by allowing you to create venue groups.

Each of your bookable spaces can be assigned to one or more venue groups.

This could be used, for example, to group your bookable rooms by physical location or by room type.

Users can then filter their booking grid display to show just those bookable spaces within a given venue group.

The booking grid may also be filtered to only show those spaces which contain bookings on a given date, or date range.

Furthermore, MIDAS gives administrators control over which venue groups - and therefore which bookable spaces - each user has access to.

If you have certain rooms that you don't wish certain users to be able to see/book in MIDAS, you can add them to a venue group, and deny that user access to that particular group.

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Filtering the Booking Grid by venue group
Filtering the Booking Grid by venue group

Assigning rooms to venue groups
Assigning rooms to venue groups

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